As technology agnostic consultants, we help corporations with the selection, workflow design and implementation of holistic content management solutions. Our solutions address the foundational requirements e-Discovery and records management - content discoverability, classification, migration and disposition.

Rich E. Davis, JD
Founder and Principal

Richard "Rich" E. Davis - Davis & Associates Founder and Principal Consultant

is a former IBM large systems customer engineer and a graduate of PACE University School of Law. 

Some of his hallmark initiatives include:

  •  Conducting British Petroleum's Litigation Readiness Gap analysis in 2009 which resulted in BP's Function's CIO and Worldwide head of litigation engaging his team to document the efficacy of BP's Deepwater Horizon's initial data preservation efforts. 

  • Co-authoring several chapters in the 2011 American Bar Association e-Discovery treatise Managing e-Discovery & ESI: from Pre-Litigation through Trial, authored by US District Court Judge Paul W. Grimm.

  • Providing advisory services to the data loss prevention, RIM and discovery teams of the UK's 2nd largest bank.

  • Providing global content migration services to enterprise content management repositories for one of the most successful energy companies in the world.

Larry Briggi
Principal Solutions Architect  

Lawrence "Larry" Briggi - Principal Solutions Architect at Davis & Associates.

Larry is a nationally known thought leader with a stellar reputation as a highly technical data discovery expert. He comes to Davis & Associates after having been a director in Navigant Consulting's Legal Technology Practice where he was a trusted advisor to litigators and operational managers at some of the top law firms and corporations in the world.  

Ben Marks, JD
Project Management 

Benjamin “Ben” Marks - Senior Project Manager and a Subject Matter Expert for Davis & Associates.

With over 20 years of professional experience prior to and post-law school, Ben brings a holistic vision and knowledge base to the Veri team.  His business background came into play often as a discovery attorney on complex litigation matters in the Northeast where understanding the subject matter’s relationship to business strategy and operations led to enhanced review workflow effectiveness on matters related to data classification for antitrust matters, patent infringement, pharmaceutical litigation, government productions and securities transactions.