ho·lis·tic - A thing or concept characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.

At DAVIS & ASSOCIATES, we describe our services matrix as "holistic" because of their ability to defensibly address a broad spectrum of core, common overlapping data management requirements across enterprise functions.  All too often, enterprise functions and departments operate in a fractured and siloed fashion when it comes to information management. At DAVIS & ASSOCIATES, we help corporate organizations and law firm clients navigate aspects of change management and knowledge transfer necessary to not just break down the practices at the root of function based silo-ization, but implement sustainable day forward programs. A classic organizational relationship we help optimize is the one that exists between legal, records management and the enterprise content management functions. We help establish common technical data management requirements which inform decisions on how best to reduce application redundancy while increasing information usability across the enterprise. A clear benefit of our approach is greater legal, HR, RIM and IT interoperability around metadata management, data collection, classification and search. As organizational stakeholders come under increased mandates to consolidate common services, create cost efficiencies, reduce data proliferation and streamline processes we can help reduce the level of effort to achieve these goals with our unique services.